Openable high waist thong - Tapage Nocturne

Openable high waist thong - Tapage Nocturne


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The Tapage Nocturne collection is bold and minimalist. Like any bondage lingerie, Tapage Nocturne wants to be stripped down, to be "dressed undressed".

Opaque microfibre high-rise thong.

Set of detachable handcuffs with gold chains and elasticated straps on the wrists. The handcuffs attach to the thong's ring, to each other or to any other piece in the collection, it's up to you.

Two panels meet and open between the crotch up to the small of the back.

Heat bonded seams for a smooth, seamless look.

  • Fitted high waist
  • Opens at the crotch
  • Removable handcuffs
  • Removable chains: do not machine wash

Technical features:

  • Ref.: 608651
  • 84% Nylon – 16% Elastane

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A routine patron of audacity since 2006, Maison Close traces its creative freedom in the intimate universes it likes to encapsulate.
Openable high waist thong - Tapage Nocturne


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