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Maison Close e-gift cards are available to purchase on the
www.en.maison-close.com website.
The cards are electronic in form.

Once purchased, you will be sent an email containing a link to the e-card.
Please retain this email or make a note of the gift card code.

The person who purchases the e-gift card is responsible for sending it to their chosen recipient.

E-cards are valid for one year starting from the date they are purchased.

Using the cards
The cards are very easy to use. Simply enter the code in the "gift card or promo code" field in the shopping basket.

Maison Close gift cards are valid for use only on the website

If the value of the recipient’s purchase is greater than the card total, the difference can be paid using a payment method of their choice.
E-gift cards can be used multiple times until their total value has been spent.

It is possible to use more than one e-gift card to pay for a single order. You can also pay for an order using a gift card and another means of payment. When an order is paid for using both a gift card and another means of payment, refunds go to the gift card as a priority.

To find out the gift card balance, simply click the link in the email.

The right to return, refund or exchange e-gift cards applies only if they have not been used, even partially.

Refund of items purchased with a gift card are made by re-crediting the card.

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