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Maison Close offers you a selection of candles whose fragrance has been made in Grasse, the city known as the heart of the perfume industry. Located in the south of France, its flower fields offer the high quality fragrances for which Grasse is known today.

What are the different types of candles offered by Maison Close?

On our website you will find 2 types of candles: candles for the home and massage candles.

How are your mood candles made?

The purple colouring of our candles echoes the House logo and is made in France, while the faceted lacquered glass of the jar is blown and screen-printed in Italy. The fragrances are all custom-made for our brand in a laboratory in Grasse and finally assembled in Spain where the candle wax is made.

The vegetable wax of all our massage candles is white, with a burning time of 45 hours, so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible in various settings of your life. Each candle's olfactory pyramid is made by us.

How are your massage candles made?

Maison Close's massage candles are all made by our product manager with the greatest care to offer your skin the softest and lightest oil. They are all made in France in a matte black ceramic pot carefully designed to optimize the use of your candle once melted, indeed thanks to a small spout you can gently drip the massage oil on your skin.

The wax of the massage candles is white like the mood candles and the burning time is also 45 hours for even more sensory experiences.

The fragrances chosen are sometimes indulgent, sometimes fruity: vanilla, vine peach, cocoa flower, monoi, orange blossom or amber blossom... choose according to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to bring to the moment.

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