Séduction Française

Maison Close traces its creative freedom in the intimate universes it likes to encapsulate.

With a few hushed strokes, Maison Close discerns the most confidential thoughts, cultivating its distinctive way of stirring the sensorial through art and material.The art of creating new lines from a simple blank page, the art of building a desirable brand on what garments render most captivating.Material that, in turns, subdues, accentuates, conceals or reveals. Material that espouses a state of mind, even before the body becomes smitten.

A routine patron of audacity since 2006, Maison Close traces its creative freedom in the intimate universes it likes to encapsulate; they can be deciphered through the lens of an emotional language.No matter if clear and structured cuts sometimes eschew decency and push aside decorum, it is first of all from moments of insouciance that this House of reference draws its reverence.As delicate as they may be, Maison Close’s delicacies disclose sensuality, supporting intentions whether they are visible, translucent, or private.Like a magnetic stage ornament, each piece waits for its function to be invoked, each set equips itself for the moment of grace that remains to be provoked.

While chiseled fabrics and sharpened shapes fuse, while inventive stitching weaves itself into masterpieces for their enriching, an aesthetic honoring French–style seduction blossoms. A charm that has the gift of courting slow time: relying neither on a framed dictum nor on how ticks and tocks mean all to some, collections are conceived according to their own cadence, as if sculpted to the skin. An approach fit for perfecting a photographic modus operandi which threads its nobility in the care of the slightest subject, in attachment of the faintest effect.

Here opacities, mattes and glosses, iridescent shades and plays of transparency incite a cerebral and instinctive reflex allowing restraint to fade into the night: after sight, touch joins in the delight.This sensory discharge blurs reality and galvanizes impulses of the heart; an awakening of jubilation as well as of languor from the start.For beneath beauty that is constantly reinvested, beneath curves that are tirelessly redefined by a new contrast to highlight a contour, Maison Close will always declare its iconoclastic way of celebrating l’amour.

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