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Our open and openable bottoms

Our suggestive open lingerie pieces know how to surprise, whether worn day-to-day or for a special occasion. Your curves will be enhanced by these models which highlight your shape, with even the smallest behind capable of catching the eye of your partner.

What kind of open pieces do you have?

We have the open thong, the high-waisted open thong, the openable thong, the openable tanga and even the high-waisted open tanga. Open panties remain a timeless classic which have enjoyed a comeback in recent years. Easy to wear day-to-day, they provide sensuality along with comfort.

Our catalogue also features the open-back skirt also known as the bare-bottom skirt, with its fitted cut this unique piece allows you to have fun with fashion while being sexy in lingerie. For the more understated, the zipped garter belt briefs are your best friend, a piece that plays with transparency and suggestiveness with its zip on the inseam. It's up to you to reveal more or less, depending on your mood.

What materials are the open pieces available in?

We have many materials to choose from, from shiny satin to Italian lace. Maison Close prides itself on the transparency and quality of our materials; you'll also find pieces in microfibre which are popular for their comfort. Whatever the material, our pieces are close-fitting and hug your shape, with soft fabrics suitable for all skin types.

What's the difference between open thongs and open panties?

You'll find open thongs among our range which provides less coverage than our open panties, often with an opening at the inseam. They may be split or even completely open at the back, our pieces are intended for all tastes. The open panties will leave more to your partner's imagination and are more suggestive than the open thong.

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