Playsuits are practical, comfy garments. They can be high fashion pieces as lingerie. They are usually made from soft, light fabrics.

When can you wear a playsuit?

Playsuits are generally worn in summer when it's getting too hot, especially for trousers. They're practical and minimalist and during hot weather they keep you feeling cool while still looking fashionable. At Maison Close, we have a range of light, sexy playsuits you can wear as loungewear over lingerie as well as suggestive outfits for more intimate evenings. Feel free to show off your assets at home with this entirely sheer garment. The biggest advantage is how comfortable they are; you can wear them with either heels or trainers if you're going for a chill look.

How many different kinds of playsuits are there?

There is a wide variety as playsuits are available in an infinite range of materials as well as styles. From homewear looks to more fashion-forward designs and daywear, you have an unlimited choice and the different uses for playsuits are numerous.

Playsuits with plunging necklines at the back and front, round-neck and V-neck playsuits, and playsuits with long or short sleeves are very on trend and constantly reinvent themselves.

Which kind of body shape is flattered by a bodysuit?

Bodysuits easily adapt to all kinds of body types as they're available in so many different forms that everybody is guaranteed to look good in at least one.

Whatever your height, you're sure to find one to show off your assets to best advantage. If you're petite, bodysuits with their cropped cut will help elongate your legs.

If you're fairly tall and you already have long legs, go for flared playsuits or ones with ruffles to give yourself some more volume.

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