Blue Angel


From the fragility of its wings, the amplitude of its bluish hues and the hope it conveys, the morpho butterfly symbolizes the beauty of an encounter. By these qualities, it was certain to inspire a burst of light: with Blue Angel, Maison Close emerges in a new form. By giving lingerie full visibility, this prolific collection takes another step towards the codes of fashion. Each piece is balanced by its asymmetry, established through architecture that is chiseled ever so delicately. They shine through their contrast between dark and blue shades that leave their mark – in metallic reflections and tonally cosmic confections. A desire to probe the infinite materialized in attachments, both triangular and modular, whose linking embodies futuristic anchoring. If Blue Angel borrows its neo-noir touch from Blade Runner type worlds, it is this flamboyant brilliance that it means to confer and honor. For it does not stray too far from clarity, a positive path of flight, nor the tonic accents of iridescence that distinguishes a collection that is as fierce as it is iconic.

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