Nuit Fauve


A summoner of untamed desires, acts of bestial love are what Nuit Fauve inspires. A collection for muses emerging from the shadows, those in search of ecstasy with passions to satisfy. For those who assume their power, who are afraid neither of their cravings nor of the obscure. They maintain fascinating mystery with claw-marked effects, adorning themselves in a tigerish feline stride, and so striped in these respects. As elusive as they are magnetic, they assert their taste for the game that ignites to disarm, a fiery charm. Eyes fixed on me like a tiger tamed, in that gaze, a reflection emerges. Nuit Fauve provides a narrative for femmes fatales, wild and free souls who set off on nocturnal jaunts without knowing their denouement. It accompanies those who are bold and eager, those who readily follow instincts that are distinctly animal, who step into each moment and live it in full.

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