Some people rediscover the world over a coffee, others while plunged face first in the pages of a freshly printed newspaper; as she passes by, amazement also seems to be idling on the terrace. Weightless, she continues her romantic stroll wholly candescent, with each step her heels bite deeper into the Parisian pavement. When she reaches the quay, there is beauty abound: everything sparkles with romance – light reverberates on the Seine, a pleasure to every eye, majestic bridges stretch as Madame Eiffel tickles the sky. Under her trench coat, a transparent piece hints at intimate confidence, a suggestive nod to French elegance. Its lines are clean, the colors faintly powdery; this Maison Close collection draws on the charm of a vintage chic that catches attention without ever creating unwanted tension. The heart bubbles and stirs to an unstoppable fizz, all the feels rush in... SHEBAM! POW! PLOP! WIZZ! She is the carefree, playful woman; a happy soul who is carried away by each new adventure whenever she so chooses. She is L’Amoureuse.

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