Immerse yourself in a sophisticated new world with skirts from Maison Close. Our skirts are a celebration of French elegance, combining sensual charm with a refined aesthetic. Each skirt is a work of art, designed to accentuate your femininity and create an irresistible look. Whether you're looking for a seductive lingerie skirt or a sophisticated fashion statement for special occasions, you're sure to find one of our selected Maison Close skirts to suit you. Explore our selection and immerse yourself in a seductive new world.

What different types of ready-to-wear skirts are available?

Discover our collection of ready-to-wear skirts that combine style and diversity to suit every preference. Our two-material stretch pencil skirt with sheer tulle side slits is the epitome of contemporary elegance. The sheer skirt has a bold feel, while our short, high-waisted tuxedo mini skirt is the perfect blend of chic and fashion forward. For those in search of something more original, our pencil skirt with its double front zip opening is a modern-looking option.

The midi skirt in stretch jersey with its hook details combines comfort and femininity, while the long wrap skirt creates a floaty, sophisticated look. Whatever the occasion, our skirts let you create a variety of looks, from casual to elegant, and express your personal style in style. Explore our collection now to find the perfect skirt to complement your wardrobe.

How do I choose the perfect skirt for my body type?

The choice of skirt depends on your body shape. For example, if you're short, opt for a short skirt to lengthen your legs. Pleated skirts are ideal for adding volume to the hips. For pear-shaped figures, trapeze skirts will balance out your silhouette.

How can I style my ready-to-wear skirt for different occasions?

For an elegant evening: pair your dual-material stretch pencil skirt with sheer tulle on the sides with a silk blouse and high-heeled pumps. Opt for sparkling jewellery and a chic clutch for a sophisticated look that's sure to catch everyone's eye.

For a bold look: the sheer skirt can be worn with a item of lingerie or a bodysuit, choosing a graphic piece to enhance your style. Add sunglasses and a tote bag for a touch of urban chic.

For a professional look: the short, high-waisted tuxedo mini skirt is perfect for the office. Pair it with an impeccably cut white shirt, classic pumps and a belt for an elegant business look.

For a modern look: a pencil skirt with a double front zip opening is a bold choice. Wear it with a simple top and ankle boots for a trendy look that is sure to turn heads.

For a special occasion: the long wrap skirt is an elegant choice. Pair it with a top with structured shoulders and high heels for a night to remember.

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