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The suspender belt is a fashionable and sexy piece that looks fantastic combined with skirts or dresses. It looks sculpting and minimalist. But for many women putting on a suspender belt can be a bit of a headache.

How do you put on your suspender belt?

Don't panic when you see your suspender belt's fasteners, clips and stockings. The first and most important step is to place it on your waist or hips, depending on the style you're going for. If you put the suspender belt on your hips, it will highlight your lower back and lengthen your bust. Then you can put the stockings on, usually you would connect the suspender belt with regular stockings, avoiding the self-attaching stockings. Once in place, simply clip the fasteners of your suspender belt to the top of your tights and you're done!

What styles of suspender belts does Maison Close offer?

Maison Close lets you use your imagination and gives you free rein to choose from our range of materials and colours.

Our suspender belts are designed for all women and all tastes and come in transparent tulle, lace, microfibre mesh, satin or matt finishes. We also offer a rainbow of colours including of course the timeless black suspender belt, which is available in all styles, but you can also find blue, pink, green, red and many others.

Maison Close has taken inspiration from the blue morpho butterfly and has developed a blue where we've added a metallic foil that gives this unique colour its cosmic tones.

What’s the difference between the suspender belt and the waist cincher?

The waist cincher is ideal for slim women because it reshapes the curves and often stops just below the bust. With its tight fit, the waist cincher enhances the body of any woman. It brings the waist in and adds the finishing touch to your outfit. Each of our pieces is unique. We have pushed seduction to the max and this item will perfectly compliment your lingerie. Our waist cinchers are versatile and can be worn in many different ways, alone or with accessories, it will surely become your wardrobe’s star piece.

What is the garter's history?

This little piece of fabric is much more than just a lingerie accessory. The garter actually comes from one of the greatest wedding traditions. Originally, it was used to hold up women's stockings, as there were no self-ties or suspender belts. The garter is a must for lovers of the game. It is easy to use and can replace the suspender belt to add a touch of seduction to any occasion.

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