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Men's trunks are men's underwear that have become a staple of men's daily lives. A variety of models to suit all situations. But with so many models to choose from, it's easy to get lost. Maison Close explains how to choose the right garment for you.

What is the difference between boxers and trunks?

Boxers have a flared cut that does not cling to the body to allow maximum freedom. They are very comfortable and are appreciated for their versatility. They can be used as swimwear or as lounge shorts, whatever the material, they can be adapted to many everyday situations. The cut is long, usually stopping at mid-thigh, so the garment provides a lot of coverage.

On the other hand, trunks are a mix between boxers and the famous briefs for men. They are also longer than briefs but not as long as boxers, usually covering only the upper quarter of the thigh. Trunks have a close-fitting, body-hugging cut, which is the opposite of the principle of boxer shorts. Elastic materials provide comfort and support, stretch cotton and lycra are widely used.

How should you wear trunks?

Trunks are ideal with tight-fitting or lightweight trousers. The elasticity of the fabric and its close-fitting shape make it easy to blend in under clothing. They can also be worn under jeans, but in general, the most comfortable under jeans is boxer shorts, which have more coverage and protect your skin from the constant aggression of the fabric during the day. This model also fits very well under your sportswear, its optimal support prevents chafing during a session, and the seamless design is preferred for comfort.

Are men's briefs still in fashion?

Men's briefs were the first form of men's underwear to be invented in the 1970s. It is a very low coverage piece that does not protect the thighs but remains a classic for many men, the briefs provide hold and comfort to those who wear them.

Briefs have come back into fashion in recent years, revealing more and more of the body whether at home or on the beach, and it is mainly luxury brands that have brought them back into fashion.

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