Corps à Corps Néon

Delicate in its materials as well as in the allure it chisels, the Corps à Corps Neon collection is distinguished by its opportunities for multiple compositions and diverse harmonies. Interchangeable elastics electrify these second skins with neon fluorescence; a vibrant signature to harness a rush of carefreeness that channels an eighties essence.

To permutate without losing a feel for mutiny, to personalize a variant of nude for more attitude, Maison Close offers each skin tone the possibility to express its singularity. An epidermal effect reflected in tulle with iridescent transparency; in this collection that overlays spectrums of shades to beguile and adapts to the desired style.

"Interchangeable elastics electrify these second skins with neon fluorescence"

2. Personalize a variant of neon

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    1 - Naked breast bra Corps à Corps Neon

    2 - Bodysuit Corps à Corps Neon

    3 - Mini thong Corps à Corps Neon

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