French Kiss


Dazzling and bright, as if sprung from a dream,
Ready to leave a mark, like a rouge’s gleam,
These fantastic silhouettes catch every eye,
Bearers of fatale colors, their power runs high.
Underneath reveals itself without disguise,
Fuchsia pink, shiny black, and absolute red dyes,
Shades that sparkle – appetizing delightfully,
Skin brushes against skin, then touches free.
Ties cross and loosen: bodies intertwine.
With desire and audacity, French Kiss will align.
Its intense, sharp style sets the scene,
With a lipstick effect, a touch of gold sheen.
French Kiss gets people talking, loosens every tongue.
It imposes impudence, leaves no feelings unsprung.
It confounds the senses, boldly breaks with norms.
A carefree celebration of love without reason,
An invitation to pleasures, to passionate kisses, season after season.

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