Special Latex Wash Gel - BeGloss

Special Latex Wash Gel - BeGloss

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The special latex wash by Begloss is essential for eliminating any visible marks on your latex clothing after usage.

  • 100ml
  • Special latex detergent

Technical specifications:

  • Ref: 560534
  • Made in Germany
  • Composition: 5-15% anionic surfactants, <5% amphoteric surfactants, limonene, linalool, phenoxyethanol

Usage instructions:

Using the BeGloss Special Wash gel, carefully clean your latex clothing with the aim of eliminating all residue on the surface. Mix with lukewarm water, soak your clothing and leave to rest. Rinse well and wipe with a clean and dry towel so the item dries fully before storing.

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Special Latex Wash Gel - BeGloss


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