La Femme Amazone - Khaki

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Releasing pieces to invoke a freedom that must be consumed, La Femme Amazone possesses a sobriety that is wholly assumed: no lace, nor guipure, giving way to the natural and the pure. If less is more can lead to spells that bewitch, these silhouettes channel enchanting charisma with a 2/2 stitch. A wild core reveals itself in each movement a bit more; once the textile is set to adjust to the bust, it stretches in brilliance as well as in transparence. Each cut flirts with the minimalism of masculine styling, an infatuation with 90’s vogue renders each line beguiling, while the softness of modal blend summons Supermodel sex appeal to arise and transcend. With the aplomb and sensual aura sculpted by this collection, Maison Close has established a cult allure for crafting seduction.

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