Clémence Navarro-Bastin


1. Wire bra, Thong and Garter belt, Corps à Corps Neon Soutien-gorge balconnet, String et Porte-Jarretelles, Corps à Corps Néon

2. Triangle Bra, Thong and Garter Belt, Blue Angel Soutien-gorge triangle, String et Porte-Jarretelles, Blue Angel

3. Dress, Madame Rêve Robe, Madame Rêve

4. Triangle Bra, Madame Rêve Soutien-gorge triangle, Madame Rêve

5. Wire bra and Lace cuffs, Accroche Coeur Soutien-gorge corbeille et Manchettes en dentelle, Accroche Coeur

6. One shoulder bodysuit and Leggings, Blue Angel Body string asymétrique et Legging fuseau, Blue Angel

Clémence Navarro-Bastin is a charismatic Muse.

I’m 21 years old, I’m of Spanish origin and I currently live in Paris. I hold the Scientific Baccalaureate. Today, I’m a full-time model, a job that fascinates me! Pianist and classical dancer, music allows to free myself, to express myself and to be myself! I love bringing a unique style to photos, giving charisma and a certain grandeur to the silhouette, that’s my attitude…

I’m touched by all feminine causes, especially sexism because even today, it is difficult as a woman to make a place for herself in society. Maison Close is a brand that emphasizes strength, elegance and freedom because we are all heroines.

Follow Clémence Navarro-Bastin on Instagram : @clem.nb

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